All That Matters

by BLUEfiveone

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Remix to Justin Beiber's "All That Matters"


I guess a part of me's surprised
Wasn't ready for all that detox'n
That chit chat'n and street talk'n
Cuz you did that shit where we walk
Where we eat at and we sleep at
Like you just ain't got no heart
People shaking they heads at me like "How you not flip out and just go hard"
Honestly man I can't talk
Can't pretend like I'm the victim
Cause I saw the signs clearly
Before any of that bullshit happened
Pretended to be blind
Like, outta sight then outta mind
Cuz I aint wanna think about some other dude getting what's mine
But your composure I admire
Didn't even flinch when I walked in
Felt like you would of just kept it up if ole boy wouldn't of stopped it
Before you would be cautious
Had it down to a process
I would go out the front door
And he would come in the back one
Posed to be my castle
I'll just leave it with my queen
But you was fronting like my ace
You was shopping other teams
And as evil as you seem
Friends don't believe I don't hate you
Tell em it took me years to learn to forgive people like I do.
Instead of me being spiteful
I just keep it delightful
Cuz anger that you hide will just come out on its own
Writing stories are like they're spirituals
Blood and tears in my in lyrics
And pride and rage on the interlude
My boys don't agree
Saying "BLUE? what's gotten into you?
Posed to be a monster
Why you stuntin like you peaceful?"
I try to keep it truthful
See she never really mattered to me
sure she was amazing
But when music's in the picture there's no room to entertain her
So I trash bagged her belongings
She proceeded to tweet about it
Playing like she's perfect
Well some perfect dude will have to come and find her
And maybe he will while she's off on her own
But she'll probably miss his call cuz she's all over my phone
Not tryna play her
I'm just saying
Life ain't always what you think
How every dude thirsty,
but you'll speak for drinks?

So to memories I haven't made
Girlies I can't forget
The sex that I had this morning
And living with out regrets
The dream that had last night
That model I got to talk to
Everything in my life
That happened the way it's posed to
Long as I have my music
Then nothing really is awful
Tragedies don't scare me
Cause even those can be an art too


released February 10, 2014
Produced: BLUEfiveone and Lucas Larry
Vocals: BLUEfiveone
Mastered: Lucas Larry
Artwork: Y3S5!R




© BLUE County LLC 2014




BLUEfiveone Reston, Virginia

I am the COLOR that I am. Ask me about me if you wanna know more.

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